Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Genesis: Let There Be Media

"...and it suddenly occured to me. Blog it." - Walking along chinatown, contemplating the larger picture

Many people keep diaries and blogs, storing away their thoughts of that special or significant moment, or a relatively safe outlet to vent their frustrations and misgivings. Some others use them for even more creative purposes. Beyond just writing about stuff, they record their voices and make irreverent videos and pump it all out to the waiting world with a voracious appetite for just about anything under the sun.

And so was I inducted into the world of RSS, podcasting and vlogging.

It is with great hope that my current eagerness to do some mediacasting doesn't wane with time. In fact, I'm actually hoping that it will not only help me achieve some other goals (which I will detail elsewhere), but maybe even be of some use to those of you that choose to follow my mediacasting.

Hope you enjoy!


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