Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Japan Log 00 : The Prequel

1705. So the counter on my Nikon D100 tells me. And that not counting the photos taken with the Canon A80. It's going to be tough choosing only the best pictures to accompany what I hope will be a decent travel log.

But before getting into Japan Day 1, here's a little backstory leading up to it.

Kris and I originally wanted to go to Japan during a season that has not much rainfall predicted and with a temperature range that's not too cold or hot. However, as we were investigating the best time for me to take my block leave, Kris happened upon a piece of news that saying that a Tokyo Anime Fair would be held in Japan on March 22-25 2007. This led us to check up the dates around that particular day.

Our idea, in order to sample as much of Japan as we could on our maiden trip, was to book a package tour of about 7 days and then extending for another week for free and easy travel.

After checking with several tour agencies around Chinatown, we decided to settle for CTC. compared to all other agency staff, CTC's was professional and very helpful (Jeffrey and Melvin). Not to mention the fact that they had a confirmed group going on March 11.

So in no time at all, we found ourselves on a JAL flight to Osaka.

(Arrival passage at Kansai Airport, Osaka)

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