Wednesday, January 27, 2010

For My iPhone Keynote Today...

... I needed a visualiser for the demos, so I built one. :)

Just thought to share this with everyone. I won't go so far as to call it a hack, but I sure built something not found in the manual that came with the box. :)

Quick build notes:

1. Needed to make a stable 2-legged structure (instead of 3, and general lack of bricks) so that the audio cable at the top of the iPhone can run freely while switching from portrait to landscape
1a. Made a square rig then found the 'centre of gravity'? to extend the legs
2. Needed enought width so that it can do landscape as well
3. Limited by just the pieces from one box (LEGO 5867)
4. Needed the fixed height
5. Used the ancient FireWire iSight paired with Quicktime Player in movie recording mode
6. Had to make sure the iSight cable was kept properly out of the way and not prone to destabilizing the structure
7. The last time I touched LEGO was probably primary school :)

Total cost : iSight (lying around) + LEGO 5867 ($42.90) + about 1.5 hours

I'm all pumped for today for more than one reason :) Since I won't be the only person with a keynote. 

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