Wednesday, March 02, 2005

The Creative Process Thus Far

So much for having my voice out on the internet. :P

I don't actually think too much about my voice, and it does feel weird hearing yourself speak, sometimes. In any case, here's what I'm using to put together the Podcast Training audio segments:

1. Apple's iLife Garageband 2 for music
2. Apple 12" Powerbook for editing

AND! The worst of the lot...

3. Apple Powerbook built-in microphone for voice recording

The mic does pick up all sorts of noise/hum, and I hope to improve on this with some other kits I have lying around. Would you believe it? I actually have a digidesign MBox sitting around someplace, collecting dust.

Time to next IPPT 'cast: probably a day or two, due to some self-imposed quality control :P


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