Friday, January 29, 2010

Quoted In TODAY papers, My Thoughts On iPad

I met Ariel at WWDC in San Francisco last year while with the IE Singapore delegation to meet chief Apple executives in a round table. She asked for a quote she could use in today's iPad article and this is what I wrote to her in full. 

"Hi Ariel,

I have been very well, indeed! And I hope the same for you too.

It will be a pleasure to be given the opportunity to share my thoughts. In fact, the iPad has been on my mind ever since the announcement this morning. I was one of those that stayed up to hear it 'live' on

My immediate thoughts are that many initial responses that I have heard and read thus far have made a critical mistake in their evaluation of the iPad. To think of it in terms of what it replaces (your laptop or your iPhone, for example) will be the greatest error any developer can possibly make right now. Unless I am very much mistaken, Apple made it quite clear that they are creating something new with the iPad and to think of it in any other terms would be equal to having a falling-out with Apple themselves.

I don't mean this in the glassy-eyed, hero-worshipping manner of a fully mesmerised zombie of the Apple hype and cult. The very potholes that people accuse Apple of leaving unfilled with the iPad are the same ones that represent the greatest opportunities for developers to creatively fill.

To that end, my mind has been working non-stop and the more I think about it, the more I am elated by the possibilities represented by the iPad. I have since opened a new application proposal in my inventor's notebook and am now amassing the support and resources necessary to bring my latest application idea to fruition. So potent is this idea that whenever I share it in confidence with potential partners and investors, I am not ashamed to say that it could very possibly be the kind of app that Apple would (and should) consider installing in every iPad made.

What does this mean for me as a developer? It means that I have been given the golden opportunity to help change the world for the better, together with Apple. And I am fully convinced of my destiny in that respect.

Best regards,
Joash Chee
Scoreless Music Pte Ltd"

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