Monday, March 21, 2005

Red Door by Paul Seow

Red Door
Red Door,
originally uploaded by joashpbook.
Paul writes:

Series : N/A

Technical details : 6x6cm single lens reflex, 80mm lens, Fujicolor NPH 400

Background : We were walking our way back from a photo shoot when we rounded a corner and the sun was just setting and losing its last bit of light.

Thinking : This series of 'grab' shots were taken in less that 2 minutes. We were walking back from a location photo shoot just around the corner when I saw this lovely textured door being lit by the rapidly setting sun hitting the clouds and creating a huge source of soft light over the area.

It literally was quick! Stand here. Pull out camera, meter, snap, snap, snap, meter, reflector, snap, meter. "That's it folks we lost the light." 4 frames was all I got. I didn't even have the time to set up my tripod. This was my 'Ansel Adam's Moonrise Hernandez(1941)' moment.

Anticipating the moment and scrambling to capturing the light.

The actual print is lovely. You have texture in the darkest shadows of the suit and in the burnt out patches of the door. Until I can afford the lovely Nikon LS9000 you'll have to put up with my dodgy scans from a flatbed.

Joash writes:

Somehow, it makes me want to jump to my feet and do a broadway! :P


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