Saturday, March 05, 2005

Lazy Bum Battles Inertia, And Wins

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Finally got round to doing my first workout with podcasted material. I used the highly inspirational "Take It Off Baby" by Salme Dahlstrom for my warm-up and cool-down routine and I really liked it. Here's the disco on what I used today:

1. Take It Off Baby - Salme Dahlstrom

Distance Running
2. mymac podcast 3rd March 2005 -

Static Exercises
3. Don't Let Us Get Sick - Jill Sobule
4. Vegetarian Restaurant - Aberfeldy

5. Bluefish - UWAWA
6. Take It Off Baby - Salme Dahlstrom

I actually recorded a vlog which said basically the same thing and am wondering if I should put it up. If I do, clicking on this entry's title should show it. :P

I just want to thank the guys at for talking me thru my distance running. You guys kept me on the track!

I'll be writing to the various artistes for permission to remix their tracks into the podcast segments that I hope to use (and reuse) for the shuffling podcast training eventually.

Meantime, it's recovery time for me... Urgh... feel the strain... :P


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impressive! ^^

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