Thursday, March 03, 2005

Marina's High-nrg Fitness

Marina's High-nrg Fitness
Marina's High-nrg Fitness,
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Whoa! Check this out... I guess the idea I had about having a personal podcasted trainer wasn't so unique after all. But, boy am I glad that someone's doing it. I'll be signing myself up for these Workout Podcasts and I'll write about how far it's taking me.

I've also written to them to ask if they'd like to be featured regularly on and I'm hoping that perhaps they might even consider doing the special *shuffle* clips that makes up the idea I have for *randomized* daily workouts. :P


Blogger Roy Kamen said...

well... we've uploaded our next installment of MARINA's workout podcasts. go ahead and catch em and keep on movin...

1:31 PM, March 09, 2005  
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