Saturday, July 30, 2005

Buff at Parco

Yippee! I got my Nokia 3230! I've been playing with the photo and video capture and taking some media daily and sending them to Kris' gmail account.

So here's the first feature that I'm attempting to place on Mediacasting. Without any post-processing, I uploaded the .3gp file straight to Ourmedia using the Ourmedia Publisher.

Today, Kris and I planned to chill out and also meet some folk that have to do with some wedding presentation plan (a secret so no details now! *grin*). We arranged to meet at Parco, Bugis Junction at 11am and I got there early.

Quite a sight I caught then! A kid in the buff playing at the water fountain feature in Parco. Thankfully, the Nokia 2320 doesn't take clear videos. Don't think anyone's going to sue for indecent exposure, but perhaps someone had a word with the child's guardian.

Only moments later, all the kids were wearing at least their diapers.

And I definitely wasn't the only one taking video and photos. But I suppose you won't be seeing them vlog about it, only because they don't have such a personal workflow, as yet.

(The file that's linked is a .3gp file so it might not play in your web browser. The file might be downloaded onto your harddisk instead.)


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