Saturday, July 30, 2005

Who's Going To Come Knocking On Our Webcast?

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My mum caught sight of the small advert that The Straits Times ran for tomorrow's feature on Kris and I. Hoho... who would have thought that our wedding would become 'national news'?

When Cassandra of Sunday Times first called the church office to ask about our using videoblogging to showcase our weekly church video sermons, I never did think it would end up as an investigation on my personal life, but I suppose I told all there was to tell about how I investigated vlogging and did a personal angle for experimentation.

Makes me wonder now if any of my old friends, those that I'm not in contact with, would suddenly drop me a mail or comment on mediacasting... ^_^

I wonder if church is going to buzz about this too, tomorrow.

But in case you're one of those friends that happened to read the news and popped by to check us out, do please leave a comment for us to get in touch with you. Might as well make use of this turn of events to refresh my addressbook, and I do hope to share our joy with all of you, friends new and old alike.


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