Saturday, August 20, 2005

Our First Home Appliance

Kris is really keen on baking and stuff and so we shopped around for a good deal and found this electric oven for SGD$199 at Courts. We decided to test it by making durian puffs. Both of us took a half-day leave on friday and bought durians at Bugis, near her workplace before heading to my place for the test. It's our first time baking puffs.

After making a few batches, I sent some over to my grandma and my uncle's family that lives next to her. Kris took some back for her family. Seems like they liked it!

(Kris hates the durian smell but she knows I really like durian, so it was really really nice of her to propose we try this. *hugs*)


Anonymous icecreamneko said...

This is the most interesting clip I ever seen. Makes me think back I shall help out my mother for her New Year baking next year. She loves baking eggless cake and pineapple tarts.

1:03 AM, August 21, 2005  
Anonymous adine said...

i wanna eat!!! love durians!
bake me some next time ok??
i'll go over to collect! :P~

3:05 PM, August 21, 2005  
Blogger Joash said...

Ok... :P for you special price... only $2 per puff. *lol*

9:08 PM, August 21, 2005  

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