Monday, February 20, 2006

Shopping For Fixtures

Having a father-in-law that works in a hardware shop is really handy, especially when you get stuff like staff discounts. We spent a whole sunday afternoon looking at fixtures and appliances, and even saw stuff that amounted to the total of our renovation cost! Some kind of fancy shower costing $19,000+ and it was already sold too.

2006 IPPT Results

Remember one of the 1st few posts I made on my mediacasting blog? Well, after an entire year of working at it (or not! ^_^), the results are in.

Salmon Yu Sheng

I was told that this Yu Sheng practice was largely a local thing, and one that both Kris and I like a lot! In this particular video, we're at Jeffrey's place and we dumped loads of raw salmon on the other stuff. Oh, to eat it again! *droolz*

2006 Reunion Dinner

A most eventful chinese new year reunion dinner with a kitchen blow-out and all the customers (in our section) getting 50% off our bills.

Shiny Car Dance

Kris and I were having some super-deformed fun with the reflective surface of a car at Haig Road.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Punggol Flat Floorplan

Among all the flats that we surveyed for our home, a number of them had strange shapes and layouts. We were quite pleased when we finally got this unit which has a regular shaped living room, nice and spacious too.

Soon, we'll be filling it up with *stuff*.

Right now, we're in the final stages of settling our interior decor. We're hoping to have it all done up latest by May.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Wedding Photos by Mindful

Using a newly created account at, I managed to put up on the web all the pics taken by Mike. Unfortunately, doesn't seem to have any 'resort' feature, so the pics are all messed up in some wierd order.

Find them at