Tuesday, March 07, 2006

What's In A Box

It used to be that nearly every corner in Singapore had a dustbin, allowing us to attempt to maintain a clean and green city. These days, there are places where it's next to impossible to find a bin due to fears of terrorists exploiting them as convenient bomb drops.

It's in such an environment that we have public service messages telling everyone to report any suspicious-looking packages and bags that are left unattended to. So, when we happened across a curious sight in a crowded shopping centre, we stopped to observe just how people reacted to it.

Monday, March 06, 2006

Phuket Town

It's not all beach at Phuket. There's a pretty modern mall situated in the city with prices that match the tourists' wallets. The japanese food is considerably cheaper than what one might find in Singapore, however.

Phuket Seafood Dinner

What's a holiday to a beach resort without a seafood dinner? Watch us fumble along trying to determine what would be a good eating venue, and some gained weight! ^_^

Phuket Patong Bayshore

After settling in, dumping our baggage and stuff at our 'hotel', we take to the streets and explore the post-tsunami beach. We're told that Phuket's tourist industry makes up a good 90+% of employment and that the buildings are not supposed to be taller than a coconut tree. (Or was that a palm tree?)

Phuket City Tour

(I know we've been promising to upload our honeymoon vids for the longest time. Finally found some time to upload the 1st day vids. More to come, hopefully :P)

We finally arrive at our honeymoon destination. There's a guy waiting for us at the airport, some airport transfer service, and he takes us for a short tour before dropping us off at our hotel.