Saturday, November 11, 2006

Pure Chocolate Indulgence and Anniversaries

(To Tralagal: Sorry for the lack of updates! :P Here's one now and hopefully more to come)

How do you know when you've just had a great dinner experience?

- When dinner somehow lasts from 7:30pm to 12 midnight
- When you start making all sorts of excuses to come back
- When the people you've invited make all sorts of excuses to come back
- When you give up trying to make excuses to come back and just say "I'm coming back no matter what"

Thanks to Lili, Kris and I have been introduced to this really great cafe that has so impressed us that we're taking every opportunity/excuse to go back there. Our first introduction to it was for Kris' surprise birthday party, and quick to follow on its heels, my birthday party.

No two days from that, it's going to be our 1st anniversary celebration at said cafe. :P

So much has happened in our first year of married life. We really should have documented them but lazy we did become. Apologies to all!

Until the next update then, do click on the pic to see a short clip in which Kris tries one of the desserts at the Cafe run by Clement. (link below)